Learn to say “too-da-loo” to those items ……

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Learn to say “too-da-loo” to those items that have been in your family, or were a great deal, or I might need it someday, or……………………………..
Just the thought of letting go of precious items can cause unnecessary stress in our lives. Sometimes we just need a better perspective when viewing these precious items so we can make better decisions without feeling the pain of a loss. Have a look at the following examples and see if you can identify with one so perhaps it will be easier to let go.

Value – Sometimes we feel there is a dollar value attached to our precious item because that is what we were told by a family member……..so long ago. Take the time to investigate to see if the value is still applicable. An easy way to start is to check websites such as Kijiji.ca, craiglist.ca or ebay.ca to see if your article or something similar to it is on one of these sites. This way you can get an understanding of what the market will bare for this particular item. Or if websites are not your thing them ask at antique shops what the market value would be. Once we have an understanding from a value perspective it may give us the permission to let go of it.

Space – When it is a family heirloom but you have no space for it perhaps at the next family get together (Christmas, Easter) you can ask family members if they would be interested in housing this particular piece. This way it stays in the family and someone has the spot to hold it. Space in any home is valuable real estate and remember if it’s not being used or it is left in a box then there is no real value to this piece except for taking up space.

Functional – If you just can’t let go of that cherished piece then think of ways for it to be functional. For example, if Aunt Mildred or your neighbour Mrs. McGillicuddy gave you her beautiful walnut dresser that doesn’t fit in with your décor, then perhaps it can go in the basement/storage to put your off seasonal clothes in. Or another example, Dad’s cherished rusty CCM bike that he used for many years that is just taking up space but with too many memories attached to it. Well then, snap your cap and get creative! Take Dad’s bike, spray paint it one colour and attach a bike basket to it with some lovely flowers and voila you have a beautiful lawn ornament for the season.

Make use of the item. Saying a proper goodbye to these items gives us the permission to let go of them. A lot of people receive china place settings from their families and they are cherished but not used because first of all, it is not their taste in a china pattern or they already have their own. A beautiful way to say goodbye is to use them for a month or so and then pack them up and perhaps donate. This way you and your family had time to enjoy them. Also note there are a few china consignment shops in the GTA that will take old patterns. Give Organize Me Please a call and I will give you the information that you will need. There is always someone out there that will appreciate these fine pieces but you just have to find them.

Use technology – digital cameras are a godsend when capturing our cherished pieces. One way of using this is taking a great picture of the item(s) and using them for your screen saver picture on your computer. You can change your screen saver picture once a month and enjoy seeing these items without taking up precious space. Another creative way is take Dad’s CCM bike and throw a Christmas wreath on it and take the picture. With copies of this picture you can make a Xmas card out of it and send to all family members so they can enjoy seeing dad’s bike with a greeting of Christmas cheer from you!
Another way is using canvas to display your items. Take the digital picture and put the image on a nice size canvas and it can be displayed in your own spot in the house. Whether that is in your bedroom or maybe the laundry room, it doesn’t take up space but creates a lovely anchor because every time u look at it you have fond memories and that is what should be in all of our homes!

At Organize Me Please what is precious to you is precious to us however we are great sounding boards and have many creative ideas to provide answers to your dilemmas or just be present to guide you through the process of letting go. A gentleman at the Old China Pattern shop in Scarborough once said to me, “I have never seen an U-Haul behind a hearse.”, so with that said, just say “too-da-loo.”

Free yourself of clutter today and say “hello” to an organized life!!

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