Consultation Report #1 – Senior downsizing and relocating project.

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This report provides you with an understanding of all the steps that it takes for a downsizing project to be successful. Let’s being……

Note: for quick scanning purposes see the italic sections.

This is a review of the main concerns that we covered and discussed during our consultation.  The following points can serve as a guide to keep us focused on your objectives:

Frustrations to be eliminated, obstacles to be overcome, and problems to be resolved…..

1)   The love for your Royal Dalton figurines has been noted and extra care and attention will be brought to these items so you can enjoy them for many years in your new home.

2)   We realize that this is a difficult transition for you but our mission is to make sure at the end of this project that you have settled comfortably into your new place and before long are calling it “home sweet home”.

3)   With so many details happening with your move, Organize Me Please will document all actions required and will ensure all details are met to your satisfaction.

Comments following from the above objectives:

1)   All Royal Dalton and any other delicate items will put on the asset sheets and them meticulously wrap and packed in sturdy boxes.  Organize Me Please will move these items from the apartment and deliver them to your new residence.  Once the furniture is in place at your new home we will carefully unpack your precious pieces and place them with your direction.

2)   To make sure you feel right at home in your new place we will ensure your precious pieces are put in the right places so you can have time to discover all the activities and services available at your new place.

3)   At the beginning of all projects Organize Me Please creates asset and action documents (see examples) so no pieces of property are missed and no details are left out.  These documents are given to the client to review but OMP is responsible for keeping them current, accurate and bringing them to completion.

Here are high level steps to get us started:

–      To start we will walk through the home to remove any items that are recyclables or trash, these are items that do not require a lot of decision making.

–      Next we will make a list of all items from each room and start assigning their new place at your new home (please see example attached to email).           This document will be important because it will be used by many people i.e. client, OMP, movers, Amica.

–      Next the action document will be prepared so we can ensure no details are missed. OMP will be responsible for all activities and will keep client current on all tasks.

–      Working spaces will be necessary so decisive decisions can be made by client.  The two working spaces that I would like to use are the master bed and the kitchen table top.  OMP will also clear around the working areas so they are safe to walk around. The second bedroom will also be prepared to receive boxes and bags that are going to the new residence so it will be easy for the movers to remove these items on the 21st.

–      As we work through decisions of where items will go, OMP will provide boxes and bags and label them with the appropriate locations i.e. Value village, goodwill, toss etc.) OMP will remove boxes and bags at the end of each session and drop off at VV, Goodwill, and Salvation Army etc. Number of bags and boxes that are given away will also be noted on final invoice so there are no misunderstandings.

–      All boxed and bagged items that are to be moved to new place will be well packed and labelled with room locations and placed in second bedroom.

–      All furniture pieces that will be going to the new residence will be labelled.

–      The kitchen will be done towards the end of the week because it will be in use right up until the 21st.  Obvious items that have not been used for a while will be discussed.  OMP will provide a cooler on the day of move for perishables so nothing is spoiled.

–      It is noted from our previous meeting that iron, small hand tools, carpet sweeper, broom and dust pan are necessary for the new place.

–      We will review the basement locker to assess which items need to be removed and what items will be taken to new place.

–      All clothing to be assessed and divided into seasons. We will be using your suitcases for clothing during the moving period. If off seasonal clothing is to go into the new locker then OMP would advise plastic containers.  Please note locker at new location is 3’ x 3’ x 3’ in size and OMP requested a locker on floor level so it is easier for client to access.

–      Items in bathroom to be assessed, items not used will be tossed. (old meds will be dropped off at a pharmacy) Will pack a toiletry bag and review current medications with client to ensure they are available during the move transition.

–      OMP will be available on moving day to ensure movers take all listed items to new residence.

–      OMP will also unpack and set up new residence to client specifications.

–      OMP is also responsible to ensure nothing is left in the apartment by the end of the month. (there will be further discussion in this area)


Waddingtons – antiques

Ebay, kijiji and Craig’s list for furniture sales, upright freezer

Metal scrappers – provide upon request

Canadian Diabetes – will pick up clothing, dishware, small appliances

Value Village – clothing, dishware, small appliances

Good will – clothing


What Organize Me Please brings to this endeavor:

I have eighteen years of experience in the IT Administration industry.  I have seven years’ experience as a professional organizer.  That experience has allowed me to assist people with customized solutions to increase the efficiency of their homes, their offices or individual requirements.  A highly motivated self-starter who combines enthusiasm with a strong work ethic to achieve outstanding results and excellent client services.  Key competencies:

  • · Listening skills
  • · Multitasking
  • · Proactive problem solving
  • · The production of accurate and detailed work
  • · Bonded and insured

Project Time:

Start date for project will be Monday March 12th @ 9am.

For the week of March 12th I anticipate 4 full days of organizing to occur. Please note I’m very proficient in packing but it is decision making that adds hours to the tasks at hand. If we are behind in the moving process OMP will offer Saturday March 17th as a day to catch up. OMP will mark on client’s calendar the following dates for the week of the 12th (Mon., March 12th, Wed Mar 14th, Thurs Mar 15th, Friday March 16th all sessions starting at 9:00AM.)

For the following week I have booked Monday March 19th, Tuesday March 20th and moving day Wed March 21st. There may be an additional day the following week to remove items from the apartment that are no longer needed.  I would like to classify this as a buffer day because if I can sell some items on the Kijiji website (i.e. green sofa, freezer) then I would have to be there to let the buyer in the apartment for pickup.


Consultation reports: $99 plus tax (fee waived if services are employed)

8 days @ $450.00 per day + mileage + HST.

One administrative day @ $280 + HST (asset/account documents, AMICA interaction, Waddington, etc.)

Supplies (i.e. boxes, wrapping paper, containers) all supply expenses are discussed with client prior to purchase.

Moving company’s estimate will be provided the week of March 12th

If an additional organizer is necessary for this project it will be discussed with client prior to employment.  Invoices are issued on Mondays for the previous working hours.

Note: It is sometimes difficult to gauge how long it takes for clients to make decisions on items, so with that said, if all days are not necessary, then I will advise client and mark on client’s calendar the changes so there is no misunderstanding on organizing dates.


Look forward to providing organizing services for you Mrs. Bell.



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