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Hello folks. My personal view of weight loss has nothing to do with dieting. I believe life should be lived in moderation with regards to food not food restrictions. As a Burlington Professional Organizer my thoughts about food starts with an organized and functional kitchen, so please had a read………………….

Your weight loss success begins in your home starting with the kitchen……

As you know the kitchen is the heart of a home and for good reason:  cooking, cleaning, study hall, party hang out, paying bills etc.  So with this amount of use it’s no wonder that this room attracts a lot of clutter. When there is clutter the proper function of this room is jeopardized.

The kitchen is most important to your weight loss goals.  Creating a kitchen that has clear countertops with plenty of space for preparing food.  A pantry stocked with healthy foods that are easily located for any recipe.   An organized refrigerator full of colorful fresh fruits and vegetables.  A comfortable, uncluttered eating area for family members. Just imagine how you will look forward to preparing and eating healthy food in this environment!

What you will experience with a functional, decluttered kitchen are the following:

You will have control over your weight loss once and for all.  When we are frustrated it is easy to lose control thus eating what we should not.  When a kitchen is decluttered such junk foods can be eliminated so if you must eat you will have healthy snacks on hand.

You will have less stress. Preparing healthy meals takes time and energy but when you are doing it with a functional decluttered kitchen meal preparation becomes a breeze.

You will have time to get active. When your kitchen is in order it take less time to prepare meals and less time to clean up which gives you time for the important things in life such as an exercise plan to compliment your weight loss program.

You will have your health. It is not just what the number is on the scale that counts but what is going into your body.  Healthy food will give you energy, beauty and happiness. Healthy bodies keeps such risks as diabetes, heart disease and stroke in check.

You will have a happy and healthy familyChildren are very observant, when they see parents eating properly so will they.  Obesity is running rampage in our younger generation but now you will have the power to ensure your children do not end up with a weight problem.

With our 10 step organizing program we will have your kitchen in a functional decluttered fashion so you can get ready for your new slimmer life.  Just one to two days organizing your kitchen can make this a reality.


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