“True, Tried, Tested and are Terrific”.

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In my business “word of mouth” is paramount. About 80% of my business is referrals. So, I thought why not share these businesses and services that I have used personally and for Burlington downsizing projects. I call these referrals the 4 T’s, “True, Tried, Tested and are Terrific”.

Here is my first referral with more to come over the next few weeks.

CAA – The Immigrant

Last night my car stalled on the QEW on route to Toronto however I was lucky, I was in the far right hand lane. Traffic was heavy and moving slowly so I got out and tried to push my car to the shoulder. Good thing I practice a lot of hot yoga because I had the strength to move the car two feet! The car was still half on the shoulder and half in the exit lane.

A car stopped and an immigrant got out.

The immigrant pushed my car to the shoulder.

The immigrant tried trouble shooting to figure out what was wrong with my car but was unsuccessful.

The immigrant stayed until CAA arrived.

The immigrant was kind and helpful.

The tow truck was suppose to arrive in an hour according to CAA however it arrived in 5 minutes with another immigrant.

The immigrant hooked up my car and checked to make sure I was warm enough in the truck since it had been raining.

The immigrant asked if he could pick up his cousin at a restaurant that he was working at which was only five minutes away in Etobicoke. I said sure since he was driving me back to Burlington where my mechanic was located.

The immigrant pick up his cousin and also pick up a chicken dinner for me which I held on to because I was too stressed to eat.

The immigrant was talkative, interesting, had a great sense of humour and before long we were in Burlington.

The immigrant drop off my car at my mechanic’s shop, then took my items out of my car and put them in the tow truck and drove me home.

The immigrant shook my hand and wished me a good evening.

Later in the evening I was hungry. I opened the styrofoam food box that the immigrant had given me. There were 6 big pieces of chicken inside.

The immigrant had fed me.

Thank you, immigrants. So, proud to have you in this great country called Canada.
Thank you CAA for employing immigrants. The best service ever.

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