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Are you ready for the holiday season?

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Organize Me Please presents the 3 hour decluttering & energizing session for only $139 + hst.

Just pick a room in your home where clutter has taken over. In three hours, we will roll up our sleeves and work to re-establish the room as it was meant to be…with more space and less confusion. Don’t you deserve a more calm states of mind?

During our time together I will teach you about strategies and concepts that will help you maintain all your rooms. You will be surprised that, with help, this activity can actually be...

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“True, Tried, Tested and are Terrific”.

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In my business “word of mouth” is paramount. About 80% of my business is referrals. So, I thought why not share these businesses and services that I have used personally and for Burlington downsizing projects. I call these referrals the 4 T’s, “True, Tried, Tested and are Terrific”.

Here is my first referral with more to come over the next few weeks.

CAA – The Immigrant

Last night my car stalled on the QEW on route to Toronto however I was lucky, I was in the far right hand lane. Traffic was heavy and...

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Spring Cleaning in an Organized & Fun Fashion

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As a child I remember my mother’s excitement when she would see the first Spring Robin of the season.  Today I carry on this tradition to...

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Christmas organizing ideas from your Burlington Organizer

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Tis the season of giving…… an organized fashion from your Burlington organizer.

With the holiday season upon us the following organizing tips gives us the opportunity to give to the less fortunate.

Food Organizing

During the holiday season the kitchen can be one of the busiest spots in your home. Go...

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Burlington Professional Organizer – Filing Rules

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Well folks here is that four letter word that starts with “f” and the thought of this word makes some people cringe!  The “f” word that I’m talking about is called “file” as in file systems, or file this please, or where did I put that file???


As a professional organizer I’m often asked to create a filing system or correct a filing system that is covered in couple of inches of paper because it was just...

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Burlington Professional Organizer – Business Office Project

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Consultation Report for Office Organizing. This report will give you an understanding of the steps that are necessary to bring order to any home or corporate office. See if you can identify with any of these common office issues. Any personal information regarding this client’s project has been removed from this blog so confidentiality is in place.

Help is just a phone call away for a stress free office environment...

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Weight Loss Program – Professiona

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Hello folks. My personal view of weight loss has nothing to do with dieting. I believe life should be lived in moderation with regards to food not food restrictions. As a Burlington Professional Organizer my thoughts about food starts with an organized and functional kitchen, so please had a read………………….

Your weight loss success begins in your home starting with the kitchen……

As you know the kitchen is the heart of a home and for good reason: ...

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Burlington Professional Organizer’s moving tips.

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The moving season is upon us and here are  my “professional organizer”  moving tips that will make your  move an easy project .

 #1 Safety – Clear all walkways/hallways. Friends and family do not know your home like you.  Keeping them safe means no accidents.

 #2 – Physical preparations.  Everyone should start with stretching exercises.  No one needs pulled muscles. Stop and rest your body during the day.  Remember the primary lifting rule BEND AT THE KNEES – KEEP YOU BACK...

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Consultation Report #3: Senior downsizing and on the move.

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This report involves such tasks as: decluttering, purging, packing, moving, & setup for client in new home.

(Note: Italics for quick scanning of document.)

Hello Mr. Robertson.

This is a review of the main concerns that we covered and discussed during our recent consultation.  The following points can serve as a guide to keep us focused on your objectives:

Frustration to be eliminated, obstacles to be overcome, problems to be...

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