Don’t WEIGHT Any Longer

Clutter or weight? Weight or clutter? What is the solution?

“We have to take a step back and look at the total picture. It’s a huge mistake to draw arbitrary lines and to put different parts of your life into separate little boxes. Your food. Your career. Your relationships. Your schedule. Your buying habits. Your diet. Consider for a moment that where you live, what you own, how you interact with others, what you eat and how you spend your time are all intimately linked. You can’t change one piece without affecting all others.”
– Peter Walsh – Does This Clutter Make My BUTT look FAT?

If however you do choose to change one piece let it be to remove the clutter and start with the kitchen. An organized kitchen creates the following:
Health, happiness and harmony, it can all be yours
Pleasure of cooking nutritious meals for you and your family
Staying away from take-out meals which are high in cost and low in nutritional value
Setting an example for your children by showing your family to eat right!

All it takes is to eat properly and exercise to reach your desired weight. Get rid of the diet books, the diet programs, the guilt, the stress, the excuses and start the steps with decluttering your home now!