Christmas organizing ideas from your Burlington Organizer

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Tis the season of giving…… an organized fashion from your Burlington organizer.

With the holiday season upon us the following organizing tips gives us the opportunity to give to the less fortunate.

Food Organizing

During the holiday season the kitchen can be one of the busiest spots in your home. Go through your non-perishable food items and group “like for like”. With extra items that are not being used, check the expiry dates and if applicable put them in a box marked for the food bank. Items such as tuna, peanut butter and soups are at the top of the list for food banks so be generous.

With these actions:

  • You have your food items in order.
  • You have an idea of what is needed for your holiday food list.
  • Most importantly, you are helping your fellow man. 

Winter attire organizing.

This time of the year there is a great need for winter clothing in local shelters.

Go through all coats, jackets, hats, mitts, boots and assess what is not being used or what has been out grown. Make sure you check all pockets & if necessary launder soiled items. Pack all items into clear plastic bags and drop off at charity locations such as The Compassion Society (Burlington), Scott Mission (Hamilton), Covenant House for youth. Also blankets and sleeping bags are greatly appreciated at this time of year.

With these actions:

  • You have room in your front closet to put guest’s coats instead of throwing them on a bed!
  • Your closets are all in order.
  • Your donations will keep someone warm this winter.


Christmas ornament swap, it’s a festive event!

Spread some holiday cheer this year and invite family and friends over for a Christmas ornament swap. Have folks go through their existing Christmas ornaments and select 5 to 10 items that they can let go of. Serve appetizers and cocktails while everyone chooses a few new ornaments for their Christmas tree this year.

With these actions:

  • Something old is something new for people.
  • Perfect way to let go of sentimental ornaments because you will know the new owner!
  • Christmas ornaments make great gifts for teachers, babysitters etc.
  • Ornaments that are left over can be gently wrapped and given to charities.


Christmas baking swap.

Invite 10-12 friends and/or family members to come to your home and have each one bring 10-12 dozen homemade cookies. Pick one of your favorite cookie recipes and bake up a batch and exchange with fellow bakers! This way everyone leaves with a variety of goodies for Christmas entertaining – and perhaps a new recipe or two.

With these actions:

  • You save time & money because you only need to buy ingredients for one recipe.
  • Your baking is done for the season!
  • You get to visit with friends and family and the guests bring the cookies!
  • You can donate an assortment of cookies to a local shelter or a senior centre.

Regifting for the season.

Regifting is becoming more socially accepted and a perfect way to recycle items that you do not want. In fact the “celebration” of regifting was started by Money Management International in 2006 to save people from coming out of the holiday season (and into the New Year) in debt. Regifting Day falls on the third Thursday of December (this year, Dec. 19) the day when the most office holiday parties are held (according to MMI’s own research). Regifting can also be done with teachers, paper boy, mail person, babysitters etc. Just ensure you follow a few etiquette rules when regifting such as, items are not unused or homemade, or too horrible that you are just trying to get rid of it!

With these actions:

  • Saves money and time
  • Lessen the stress of holiday shopping
  • Perhaps the regifted item with be used by the new owner!
  • If you have additional items they can be donated to local charities


Coming from a large family the gift exchange task between siblings was given up many years ago however; “The Secret Santa” game has taken its place! Check the internet under  and start a new traditional with your family that does not cost very much but puts the true spirit of the holiday season in our hearts.

May your holiday season be filled with joy from the act of giving to people in need.


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