This report provides you with an insight to the necessary steps for a particular estate that resulted in great accomplishments. Here we go…


Note: for quick scanning purposes see the italic areas.



This is a review of the main concerns that we covered and discussed during our recent estate consultation.  The following points can serve as a guide to keep us focused on your objectives:


Frustrations to be eliminated, obstacles to be overcome, problems to be solved………..


1)   Home needs to be put in selling mode so that once the estate has been through the probate process you are in position for the real estate market.


2)   All household contents need to be grouped and assessed so family members can make decisions going forward.


Comments following from the above objectives:

1)   Selling mode for this home means “clean sweep” with no debris and as uncluttered as possible. Mould smell is at a level 9 on a scale of 10. This issues needs to be addressed before any activity is done in the home.  My recommendation is to pull out all the contents of basement and place under the deck and cover with a tarp.  Then start with picking up any loose debris on basement floor.   I am reluctant to sweep in this basement because of the spread of spores.  Once these tasks are completed a fogger needs to be rented (Home Depot rents them $18 for 4 hrs, $26 for 24 hrs) Using a mould control substance the area is sprayed with the fogger which coats all exposed surfaces.  Once solution dries the surface is mould free and mould resistant.  This is a MUST activity.  Mould causes a lot of illnesses and if we are asking friends and family for help we need to have a healthy environment. Not to mention that potential buyers would not be able to look beyond the smell in the basement. With the basement aerosolized it can now be our storage space for items that need to be kept until the house is sold/closes.  The existing furniture can be used to stage the house and enhance its appeal.  Also this gives us the opportunity to put the furniture in ready mode for consignment or for family members.  As you are aware the house maybe sold for property use only.  With that in mind our next area of concern will be the front and back yards.  With removal of debris and trimming of existing foliage we create a safe area for potential clients to walk around and view the property.

2)   Since there is a sibling (Mary) that lives in Burlington the task of dividing contents can be a little difficult since the estate location is Toronto.  My recommendation is to provide a detailed list of all contents and send via email to each sister.  If necessary for Mary, pictures can be send of contents that she is not familiar with.  The detailed list of contents will show names of sisters, charities, garbage and storage items. (see attached example) The whole purpose of the content list is so we can quickly go through all items and have a detailed list so there are no misunderstandings between family members especially during this grieving time.


Opportunities to focus upon and turn into your advantage.


1)   You have all made great head wave with your parents’ home in the last few months.  As you know it is a very exhausting and time consuming task since you cannot be impartial and emotions tend to take over.  Just terrific that you have containers and boxes and have started the sorting process in all rooms.  You are 50% of the way there!!

2)   Since all sisters have email addresses this will be a great way to communicate and resolve the issue of furniture and other contents. With digital pictures it also works to our advantage when trying to identify items.                                  



The plan and path………………….

With the initial start up of this project your availability will be paramount because of the decisions and directions that need to be made.  However before that can be done the basement has to be dealt with before anything can be accomplished in this home.


Here is the process that we will be following for the next couple of weeks:


1)   Fogger and mould containment activity to be completed. Once done prepare basement to be used as storage for items on 2nd and 3rd floor.

2)   Remove all garbage and recycling items in home

3)   Group all items and designate a spot in home for each group.

4)   Create a detailed list of all items in each group. Send list to family members for decisions to be made.

5)   Create a detailed task list of activities that need to be done to each room which puts the house in selling mode

6)   Items that have been designated for charities, arrange for pick up.

7)   All items that will be moved to basement for storage are contained and labelled and placed against one of the walls. I would like to group boxes by names so it gives each sister an understanding as to how many items they will be taking away.

8)   High level staging to take place on 2nd and 3rd floors.  Keep in mind that we are trying to create a clean and pleasant smelling home for potential builders.






With this being the 23rd of August I will assume everyone will be going into full time working schedules in September.  With that said I recommend we start this project on August 30th.  During that week OMP will use the fogger in the basement and complete tasks that are listed for the basement.  We are looking at a full week of grouping and containing.  I would request involvement from family members to give approval of any items being trashed or given away to various charities. Please note that OMP services are first come first served.  I do not intend this to be a deterrent however it is the nature of the business.  Also note that all windows will need to be open for a few sessions and our warm weather will not be with us for long.



Trading Places – furniture consignment store located inOakville

Ebay, kijiji and Craig’s list for furniture sales


Storage facility – Storage Mart located on Norseman (first month 99% free, storage space ranges from 2 x5 = $95 to 5 x 10 = $140. Climatized storage available


Metal scrappers – have two men available for metal items which is a free service


Canadian Diabetes pick up – next pick up for the area is Sept 9th, will also pick up small pieces of furniture


City garbage will pick up extra bags of garbage providing garbage tags are on them ($3.10) they can be purchased at any Toronto Canadian Tire.  Next garbage pick up is August 31st


Hydro Round up – will pick up any working refrigerator or freezer for free. (Note, the freezer is in working condition however it is an energy guzzler!)


ShredEX has home pickup or mobile shredding services. Depending on number of boxes will determine the cost.


Organize Me Please Rates

Consultations $99 (waived if services are employed)

Hourly rate $55

Hourly rate $52 (after 50 hours)

Hourly rate $30 (for junior assistant)

Hourly rate $25 (for administrative tasks)


Hourly rate for shopping $25


Deposits are required with clients when product purchases are necessary.


For referrals, OMP will offer two hours of organizing services free of charge.


References are gladly given.  Will provide client references that have had similar services from OMP.



What Organize Me Please brings to this endeavour:


I have eighteen years of experience in the IT Administration industry. I have five years experience as a professional organizer. That experience has allowed me to assist people with customized solutions to increase the efficiency of their home, their office or their individual requirements.  A highly motivated self-starter who combines enthusiasm with a strong work ethic to achieve outstanding results and excellent client service.   Key competencies:


• Listening skills

• Multitasking

• Proactive problem solving

• The production of accurate and detailed work

• Compassion




I look forward to the opportunity to organize your parents’ home so you can all have peace of mind.



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